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Our Services

King Technologies, Inc. can meet your global networking and computing needs to keep your world connected.
Network Design, Installation and Integration

King Technologies provides exceptional  services with both In place and virtual installations, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to your new networking system.  We can design and install a system to fit your specific environment and needs, and integrate your critical software to ensure a quality and seamless installation.

System Administration and Maintenance

Our staff provides on-site and remote administration and maintenance for your networking system.  Our administrative services ensures your system is running at its very best, with the most current updates, the appropriate access authorizations for each employee, all with minimal interruptions.

Network Security

We can create a full internal and external threat analysis and security plan for your network and install and configure all levels of security, including firewalls, proxy authentication, antivirus and internet security software.  We can help establish access authentication protocols, robust password protocols, utilize network analyzer software, implement physical security protection measures, facilitate data encryption, and create a secured DMZ/or perimeter around your network and the data it contains.

Test and Integration Facility

King Technologies has an on-site Testing and Integration Facility, allowing King to test the functionality of a networks individual hardware and software components and carry that further to ensure that the layers within your network function cohesively and collaboratively.  Our testing methods include individualized plans based upon a networks intended functional and physical design and its use of third party applications or hardware.  Our TIF also serves as a workshop where our clients’ staff can be trained without additional down-time.

Network Administrator and End User Training

We can help your network run better by providing your staff with the training they need.  Inevitably there will be times when your staff will have to stand on their own and make changes that are required to take affect immediately or troubleshoot problems within your network.  We can devise a training protocol for your administrators specific to your network and end users can always benefit from understanding the basics about your network, where data is stored, and who can and how to access that data they need or are qualified to view.

Mobile, Remote and On-Call Tech Assist

King Technologies can provide the appropriate response to your technical assistance needs via mobile, remote access or on-call response, taking into consideration your network and network teams’ issues, your company’s commitments to your clients and end users, and the company’s immediate time constraints.  Our multi-tiered support system enables us to meet your needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Smart Spaces and Equipment

King can analyze your needs and implement a smart space plan during new construction or we can create a plan to retrofit existing buildings and homes.  Control your workspace or home from the World Wide Web on a PC or cellular phone.  Remote access enables to you manage and monitor a number of systems, including secured entrances, security cameras, alerts and alarms for your facility and network, adjust heating and cooling systems, control power to specific devices and detect power surges/short circuits, detect gas/water leaks and monitor smoke detectors.  You can even allow your smart space system to summon emergency responders.

Value Engineering and Management Services

King’s team utilizes a variety of project management tools to enable it to provide the best possible services at the highest value level and standards.  Our value engineering and management processes include considerations of the total life cycle costs and direct costs of every project, every client’s specific needs and the future direction of technology.  Value engineering enables us to anticipate potential problems as well as the best designs.  We can also identify potential opportunities for cost reductions while improving the overall network performance.

Custom and Specialty Services

Beyond networking, King Technologies can assist with all your custom needs.  We can create and protect your wireless environment and connect appropriate systems to wireless peripheral devices,  create customized back-up systems, personalize end user systems to meet their specific needs, devices and clearance levels, and provide support with all other aspects geared to your specific computing needs.

Computer Repair

King Technologies, Inc. is an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for the Panasonic Toughbook. In addition, King can troubleshoot and repair most software and hardware issues on stand alone desktop and laptop systems.  We not only focus on resolving the issues, but also provide “quick recovery” solutions, including creating images of your system before they go down to get your system back up and functioning without loosing your individual settings or data.

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